Historical Facts

Gambling was one of the favorite amusements of people from all civilizations and cultures. According to the researches, gambling has existed for ages as many archeological finds state that gambling and most games have the history of several centuries and even more. may objects revealed on the territory of the ancient India, Egypt, Rome, and China are the evidence that casino games existed in those cultures since 2300 B.C. or earlier. The signs of gambling existence are the ivory dice revealed in Thebes and dated before 1500 B.C.

It is thought that the idea of classic card games, for instance modern online blackjack and poker, appeared in China from the practice of shuffling paper money. In 900 A.D. this practice turned into the tradition of playing cards. At first all the cards did not contain any human figures and were designed like the fabulous Muslim carpets. When the cards came to Italy and Spain, the card-makers used to to decorate them with the royal ranks and depicted the notorious men that had power at those times. The so-called female cards (with Queens) appeared later, when the tradition to play cards reached France. The new deck containing Queens was known as the "French Pack".

Roulette game originated from France. As the legend states, the first roulette wheel was invented by the well-known mathematician Blaise Pascal. Though according to other sources, it was designed in China and later it was brought to European countries. Yet, the game rules and the wheel itself were improved by Louis and Francois Blanc, who produced the single zero roulette back in 1842. When the game came to the USA, it saw a new modification - the double zero roulette was created. Today most European gambling halls feature the singe zero roulette that got the name "European" roulette, and American casinos invite the gamblers to try their skills at the double zero or the so-called "American" roulette game. Nevertheless, both versions of the game may be found at most casino halls all around the globe. It is not worth speaking about the fame of roulette game as it is really impressive and today roulette is the emblem of each casino and gambling in general.

Dice have been used for about 2,000 years. At first they were used by the shamans to predict the future, decide the argues and get the answers on multiple questions of the tribesmen. Later on the tradition of throwing dice turned into the craps game which first had the name "Hazard". The game was the favorite entertainment of the English elite and it was played only at the closed gambling halls. Then the game reached France where it was named the "Craps". When it at last reached the shores of the United States, it was simplified and became the popular game of people of different social classes.

To sum up, gambling made a long way to today's casinos. At all times gambling was used by countries to earn funds for the local budgets and underwent various changes and laws. In the USA, gambling was banned in Nevada from 1850 to 1910, however, it was recovered back in 1931 and since then Las Vegas has been considered to be the largest gambling centre in the world. All the players now have chance to try online slot machines, card games at the finest Internet casinos and download various gambling programs to practice the skills. Many other games and game variations evolved from the popular card games that are now played at most casino halls and on the Internet.